Financial modeling expert in real estate

The modex re ® is an online test that covers real estate concepts and it allows you to demonstrate your skills as if you were in an interview

Financial modeling is an essential skill for those working on investment projects or advisory roles in areas such as venture capital, M&A, real estate, project finance or private equity.

It is increasingly common for the key players in this sector to require job applicants to have proficiency in financial modeling as part of their skill-set

The modex® re exams are designed and marked entirely by professionals currently working in real estate, through a rigorous scoring system to ensure that all the exams are fair and accurate.

This pack includes three tests and the comparison of your results against our database: 

  • Financial modeling microtraining content comprehensive bite-sized financial modeling lessons to prepare you for your modex text and for your next career move
  • Two mock-up tests with the solution to help you prepare for a real estate interview.
  • One modex® real estate test. The real one, the one that separates you from the crowd  (live and monitored). 
  • By taking this benchmark exam, you could be recognized by prestigious financial institutions across the globe and you move to the top of the list in the hiring pipeline

Who is it for?

  • Students

    Students and professionals interested in working in real estate.

  • Professionals

    Already working in the real estate industry, to identify potential gaps of knowledge or to use as a powerful learning tool.

  • Teams

    The modex re® also offers the teams & headhunters, an important benchmark on the modelling skills of a prospective candidate, as part of a much broader database.

About the modex® real estate exam

  The modex exams are always in English.

The exam 
Technical knowledge
2-hours duration
Command of Excel
Simulates a private equity job interview
General financial modeling knowledge
Designed for associate & analyst level
Operating models for different real estate assets: Hotel, office, residential, logistics, portfolios.
Build model sections from scratch
Capex, funding structures.
Choose your day (after purchase)
Investor returns

Take the exam from your computer

Compare your results with our database


Rafael López Armenta

Partner GED Capital

“modex pe is a very interesting tool which helped us to better assess the financial modeling capacity of our team”

Gail McManus

Managing Director and founder of PER, Europe’s leading private equity recruitment specialist.

“Modelling is an important skill and a crucial part of the selection process. The Modex model has the potential to become a valuable tool in the recruitment landscape’.

Maxim Mishin

LBS 2019 Candidate, modex pe score: 86,4%

"Taking the modex pe test was a great opportunity to objectively evaluate my financial modelling skills and receive detailed feedback. The given case was challenging, but resembled actual modelling assignments in private equity"